Here at onlinefocus.org, we feel like we’re under attack from the Council. The proposed ‘Social Media Policy for Members‘ not only covers Facebook, Twitter but even our own onlinefocus blog. Chris Black had been blogging since 2003 about issues around the Rochford District and now they are trying to repress our voice.

Well, readers, we will not be taking this laying down.

What’s the big deal?

Here’s one of the ‘clauses’

• use social media in any way to attack, insult, abuse, defame or otherwise make negative, offensive or discriminatory comments about council staff, service users, their family or friends, colleagues, other professionals, other organisations, or the council

No negative comments about the council? No criticism then…..

Good to see we are not the only Councillors that are against this ‘revision’ of the policy. Councillors from across the opposition parties have taken to social media (whilst they still can) and local news networks to let residents know what is happening to their representative’s voices.

More on the echo news story here

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