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Strange stuff from Castle Point Tory MP Bob Spink in the Echo:

“TORY MP Bob Spink has joined the controversy about political donations with an astonishing attack on his own local party.

As the row over Labour Party donations from property tycoon David Abrahams rages on, Castle Point MP Bob Spink revealed how he fell out with Castle Point Conservative Party Association over an alleged offer of an anonymous donation.

Dr Spink said: “During the last general election, I was offered a donation large enough to cover the election expenses, by a councillor who was acting as an intermediary on behalf of a local businessman with substantial development interests.

“He told me the source of the funds would be kept secret.

“I immediately refused this donation. The normal practice is for associations to meet general election expenses.

His local party denies this:

Mr Roper said: “I am not aware of Dr Spink raising concerns about donations received by the association. I am completely unaware of this anonymous donation, which has never been brought to our attention.

“I have no doubt that we have complied with all aspects of legislation. All donations are recorded and, where necessary, are a matter of public record.”

Pam Challis, leader of the Tory-controlled Castle Point Council, said: “I am absolutely astounded Bob Spink is making these statements. We are anxious to make sure the party isn’t involved in anything scandalous.”

Under current Government rules, parties must declare any donations over ?1,000. They must also provide the value of the donation and the name, address and other relevant details of the donor.

Strange stuff indeed.. The rules on declaring sizeable donations are strict. All local parties – Rayleigh Lib Dems included – have to send in returns every couple months, even if they have nothing to declare.

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