Care Homes in our Area and Elsewhere….




If you want to see the latest inspection reports on local care homes for the elderly, you can find them here at the Commission for Local Care Inspection website. It’s easy to find a list of all care homes within 5 or 10 miles of your home address and then download the inspection reports that you are interested in.

We’re not allowed to quote extracts from these reports, but some of them are quite interesting to read.

Which of these homes would you like to be in?

Sweyne Court, Rayleigh

Great Wheatley, Rayleigh

Rosedale Court , Rayleigh (the new one in Hockley Road)

Brook Care Home, Rochford

Fitzwilliam House in Cambridgeshire, operated by Excelcare, who apparently took over Sweyne Court from the County Council.

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