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Today is the day the new bus pass scheme is meant to start – enabling retired people to use bus passes across the whole of the country.

However the new passes have NOT been received by people yet – apparently the company that produces them for Essex is running a couple of days behind schedule.

One lady in Richmond Drive, Rayleigh, told us today that the bus driver let her use her old pass – so someone is clearly showing a bit of common sense.

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  • I find it very difficult to understand why the starting time has been changed from 9 am to 9.30 am when exactly the same number of people will be using the buses only having to start out a bit later. The argument that this will save money seems very weak. The new time will inconvenience many of the old folk who for years have been out there just after 9 am to catch their bus into the towns.

    If the council are that worried about costs of these passes why dont they curtail the use of the passes during the evening rush hour as well. Just a thought the rush hour in the rural areas are usually over well before 9 am. and the buses are running empty at this time anyway.

  • Lynda, thanks for leaving a comment.
    This is an issue that has been mentioned quite a few times when we have been out canvassing, and it’s something that we will have to discuss with council officers and see what can be done.

    Incidentally, the Lib Dems next door in Chelmsford are very busy on this. They posted the folowing on their website today:

    Moulsham Lodge residents have collected hundreds of signatures protesting against the scrapping of the 9am start for concessionary bus passes. Local councillor David Jones (seen pictured with Parliamentary candidate Stephen Robinson, local County Councillor Keith Francis & Lib Dem Borough Council Group Leader Mike Mackrory) handed in the petition at the Council Offices.

    Cllr. Jones said, “The Labour Government has introduced this scheme but didn’t properly fund it which means the council taxpayers have to pick up the bill. We want the Council to join Liberal Democrat MP’s in Parliament who have been pressing the Government to meet the shortfall.”

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