Bullwood Hall Sex Change




The most startling news of the week is that Bullwood Hall in Hockley is changing over from an all-women to all-men prison.

According to the Evening Echo:

Staff at Bullwood Hall in Hockley were only told about the change yesterday morning (Wednesday) – just minutes before some of the inmates were moved out to other prisons across the country with vacancies.

This apparently because male prisons are full.

According to the BBC

Two women’s jails are to be turned into prisons for men in a bid to reduce overcrowding, the Home Office has said.
Brockhill Prison in Redditch, Worcestershire, and Bullwood Hall in Hockley, Essex, are the affected sites.
Prisons minister Gerry Sutcliffe said both were able to hold men at the appropriate security category.
But a spokeswoman for a prison pressure group said it could have potentially life-threatening implications for women being sent further from their families.

Apparently there’s no need for planning permission for this, but we are investigating. Incidentally Bullwood Hall opened in the 1960s as a female borstal.

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