Bullwood Hall




The new drastically-reduced-in-size Development Committee meets tomorrow evening at 7:30 . You can find the details here.

The main application is in Bullwood Hall Lane, Hockley. It is an outline application for the demolition of the prison complex building, conversion of Bullwood Hall to residential use and residential development , to provide up to 60 dwellings. 35% are to be affordable housing.

There is a long officers report with plenty of objections from local residents. The scheme is recommended for approval – one of the conditions is that there is 35% affordable housing.


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  • This site is ideal for Mark Francois travellers utopia he has planned for the fair glen junction. Hard standing already there, gated community with privacy, away from busy traffic and all the services needed available on site! Perfect!

  • Admin – once again Cllr Ward has come out publicly in support of this ( Echo article quote ) , how come you always point out that you (and any Councillor ) cannot make up your mind until the debate is heard?.
    It’s another DONE DEAL presumably , and don’t fall for the 35% ( where is “affordable” defined …….affordable by who?.

  • Not part of the local plan + in the heart of greenbelt + large scale developers = uncontested planning permission granted.
    Yet for small scale developments the greenbelt and local plans are used as reasons why planning will not be permitted. Disgraceful hypocrisy, presumably fuelled by greasy palms being lined with silver away from prying eyes.

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