Brooklyn Drive Rayleigh – would more yellow lines help?




In our last Focus news was included about the Highways Department agreeing to extend the double yellow lines at the top of Brooklyn Drive. This was to:

1. enable residents in the flats to gain easier access from their designated parking area
2. to give a larger turning space for coaches/ buses and lorries delivering to Downhall School
3. to allow easier entry for emergency vehicles
Some residents have asked us whether this cannot be extended to make one side of Brooklyn Drive into a no parking side. This would almost certainly be the even numbered side down to the lay-bys close to the school. The advantages of this would be
1. easier access and exit for residents from driveways
2. residents not having people knocking on their doors to ask about car ownership and moving cars
3. emergency vehicles having a clear route to the bottom of the road. Last year an ambulance could not do this due to double parking. Could a fire engine reach the school?
4. A safer street for parents and children en route to the school.

We would like your views on this matter. Would you support or oppose such an idea? Please contact us so that we can either forget the idea or campaign for it on your behalf.

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  • 21 Brooklyn Drive

    I disagree with the extension of double yelow lines in Brooklyn Drive.
    This would reduce the possibility of residents being able to park somewhere near their house, because quite a number of the cars parked in the road are owned by residents and visitors of Downhall road. Also at school times it would be impossible to park at all.

    Is it possible to look at removing the grass verges to widen the road or create parking bays?

    I think some more thought and census should be carried out before the implementation of any further parking restrictions.

    Terry Joyce

    The current double yellow lines are ignored quite a lot of the time.

  • Brooklyn Drive Resident

    I think that a bit of consideration by the people who park down this road is called for, only the other day I had to go between two cars where the gap was about 1 -2 ft either side of my car. I only have a small car so how the hell an ambulance would have been able to get down the end of the road, where I live, let alone a fire engine.

    The only way people who park like this will learn is if a house or even the school was to catch fire and the fire brigade came down this road and ramed all of their cars out of the way, but i doubt it.

    As Mr Joyce says the double yellow line are ignored because they are never looked at by any kind of parking enforcement officer.

    I also feel that the way the parents / guardians of the childen at the school park down this road is discusting, I have lost count the amount of times I have only just been able to get into my driveway because of the awful way these people park.

    All these can be solved with a little consideration

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