Brief Update On Priory Chase And Temple Way



by admin // in Rayleigh


From County Highways today:

The waiting restrictions are now operational and the developer has completed the remedials apart from a sign for the school keep clear, which is on order, and a couple of minor issues with street lights. We are preparing the S228 plans and notices which should go up on site very soon, a month after that the estate will be formally adopted.

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  • All of which is absolutely useless.

    1) why has the council wasted all this time to only restrict a small portion of the road, where cars can still dangerously park opposite the asda turn-in?

    2) When will these restrictions actually be enforced? White van has been abandoned on the yellow lines by roundabout since they went up.

    3) now attached road, e.g temple way is now packed full of parked cars, mainly on the corners of junctions. funding should be out towards common sense lessons for the people unable to use their own drives / parking spaces.

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