Breaking News On Future Housing

The new version of the District Council’s Core Strategy is now on the councils’ website. You can download it from this page. (1.43 Mb)

We’ll try to give a proper review of this over the weekend.

For now it looks as though the ‘Housing North of London Road’ has been reduced by just 100 and put back to the period 2015 -2021.

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  • 550 houses for North of London Road & 250 Houses for South West Hullbridge will mean total gridlock for West Rayleigh & Rawreth in a few years time.

    Nice to see the Council has listened to everybody who commented on the proposals.

  • RDC are being less than straight forward once again. the number of houses detailed in the 2 tables excludes reuse of industrial sites such as Rawreth Lane Industrial Estate.

    This means the total number of houses for Rawreth could be greater than the last plan but the council are not telling us!

  • I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the actual loction of the little purple triangle that is situated close to the railway line on the rayleigh/ hockley borders, it appears to be neither in rawreth lane or hullbridge?

  • 2- Brian , I’m told the amount of housing suggested for these old industrial estates is:

    Rawreth Lane Industrial Estate: 220
    Eldon Way / Foundry Industrial Estate: 150
    Stambridge Mills: 250
    Star Lane Industrial Estate: 175

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