Breaking News – Fresh Application For Front Of Asda Site

At the moment we don’t have any details and haven’t seen any plans yet. It won’t be on the council website yet either. However it sounds like that the building is similar to the previous scheme, except there is some residential involved again.

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  • We got a letter about this today and after reading through the plans I’m amazed at how much they’re trying to squeeze into that one patch of land. Shops, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Drinking Establishments, Hot Food Takeaways as well as 19 one and two bed apartments!

  • Have just got back from a walk in the rain. New large ‘for sale’ sign posted outside ‘that bit of land’ in front of ASDA. Offering 6 retail units for sale to be completed by September 2009! Where did that come from out of no where. I didn’t think planning permission had been granted for the land. Where’s the parking going to come from? ASDA don’t have enough spaces as it is. Crazy.

  • Tell me about it.

    They don’t have planning permission yet, but they’re obviously pretty confident they will get it. I think I’m going to enjoy looking on when they have to take that sign down (*here’s hoping*).

  • So the developer’s agent is advertising units that haven’t even got permission yet? Admin; is this true? Can you update us on the situation with this bit of land? This all seems a bit shady.

    Surely it’s not big enough for what’s being proposed – and the parking? Where is it?

    I can’t imagine what 6 units would be useful that wouldn’t loose business because of ASDA. A pharmacy, hairdressers and a coffee shop perhaps but what else? A whole row of take-a-ways? There’s been one vacant shop (the old light store) for ages with no takers.

    Will the developing never end in Rayleigh?

  • I mentioned this last week – on the day that the board went up – on the thread concerning Asda planning permission.

    I believe that the Agent is using the ad to gather whether there is any prospective interest in the retail units before the developers of the building proceed further.

  • Asda have existing planning permission on this land for a building containing shops and a mixture of community uses. They could start work tomorrow but clearly don’t want to.

    Coral are applying for permission for a different building that would also include flats. They also want the permission to be as flexible as possible, so they could use each unit for a wide range of uses. They are advertising the units before they get planning permission, in the same way that a developer can start advertising houses before he gets planning permission.

    Despite what one estate agent has told one resident, there is no planning permission at the moment for flats here.

    Coral have recently written to Ron and Chris explaining their viewpoint. It could be useful if they would email that letter to us so we could post it here and residents could then start a dialogue with Coral. We have suggested to them, but haven’t had a reply yet!

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