Breaking News : Coral Application Withdrawn

Coral withdrew their planning application at about 12:30 today.

We understand that Coral are going to consider the issues and bring back a new application in due course.
So there will be no discussion at tomorrow night’s council meeting – although there’s likely to be a new application at some stage in the future.

Any more comments or thoughts from nearby residents will be most welcome! It will give Coral – and Planning Potential – and councillors – a chance to see what people are thinking.

Do you think another residents meeting with Coral would be worthwhile?

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  • It would be interesting to know if Project Coral have withdrawn their application as a result of their meeting with RDC, the residents or both.

    I look forward to seeing the new revised application, but feel it is too early to say whether another meeting with them would be beneficial at this stage. I suggest we wait and see what they plan to do, what the new proposal offers before deciding if another meeting is worth while.

  • Congratulations to all concerned, that’s good news! Lets wait to see what else Coral (or should I perhaps say ASDA!) have up their sleeve before organising another meeting! If Coral have any business acumen whatsoever they’ll abandon their plans for good!

    BTW has anyone actually found out who CORAL (RAYLEIGH) LTD actually are yet?

  • TWR, the last thing we want is for Coral to abandon their plans. The alternative is for the site to revert to ASDA and they will do with it as they will. Lets face fact here. It is pretty obvious that ASDA have no interest in putting shops here, else they would have done so already (considering they already have planning consent to do it). What is the alternative? A petrol station. Is that what we want? Because that is what WILL happen if Coral are unsuccessful. I am pretty sure ASDA will go down the same route they did to get the store approved to ensure they get their own way. Just remember what was said at the meeting last week. The effect on property prices is not a considered facture when looking at planning applications. A petrol station will hit our equity a lot harder than a small row of shops will.

    We all have to face reality here – that site WILL be developed, ASDA will not keep it as a car park forever. Is it not best to support the lesser of the two evils?

  • I very much doubt that ASDA would get planning permission for a petrol station – if there was an “emergency” at a theoretical petrol station on this site the only access for evacuating the primary school, residents homes, leisure centre and ASDA itself etc… is via Priory Chase… past the site of the “emergency”.

    The longer this debate goes on the more likely that either a) the site will remain undeveloped albeit staying within ASDA’s “landbank” or b) another interested party may get involved – for instance the local Primary Care Trust?

    I have personal knowledge of a site remaining undeveloped because of sustained local opposition, it isn’t that unusual.

    As far as I’m concerned there is NO COMPROMISE – I am against ANY kind of retail/commercial development on this site – that includes a petrol station.

  • What annoys me is that ASDA is a huge corporate company their turnover is probably more than the economy of a small country. The LITTLE bit of land, in front of their store is nothing to them, financially. Would it not be better for their reputation as a company that treats their neighbours with respect to hand over this land to a cause that would benefit the people who live in the vicinity of the store? They would then be seen as a caring company (as opposed to the truth, that they are no better then a company that treats its neighbours with utter contempt). ASDA know exactly what they are doing and what they have to do to boost their profit margin! That does not include treating neighbours fairly. Rochford District Council watch and learn! I believe you are no match for this company!!!!!

  • TWR,
    I think you are clutching at straws in raising the emergency at petrol station scenario, as the in built safety systems are so effective. Can you put forward an example of a petrol station fire or emergency that endangered peoples lives. Even when people drive away from a pump with the nozzle still in the filler, emergency cut-outs isolate the whole rig.
    In any case who in their right mind would consider evacuating people past an incident when they can walk away in the other direction and enter the Country Park.
    I like you do not wish to see a petrol station on this site but citing such a remote possibility as an argument in my view is will cut no ice with either the developer or the Planning department.

  • Greenbelt I agree with you. There are two other exits from this development. Swayne Park, and the walkway between the apartment blocks.

    I am however, going to play devils advocat here and for once side with ASDA (I will say my hail marys later). We were amongst the first to move into Temple Way (nos 78,79 and 80 all completed on the same day) so know for fact that if we saw this, then it was visible to all who purchased on this development. Now I can’t remember if this was a graphic in the sales office or was within the promotional material, but they did have a street scene looking down Priory Chase, the scene was how it would look as if you were standing outside one of the houses on Rawreth Lane, so you could see the traffic lights etc. That scene clearly demonstrated how it would all look with the parade of shops. I’m sorry to say this, but people purchased these houses with the knowledge that that these shops were going to be there, and therefore have no argument.

    Again I am going to support ASDA here concerning the strip of land. ASDA is a business, and as a business it wants to make money. It has already done something for the community which was to donate a sum of money to the church. The car park is an eye sore, and something needs to be done with it – I am sure no one wants a park there, or play area that would attract the wrong element at night. So what else is there? A small parade of shops that are not open at night, will not attract kids. A petrol station IS a possibility, ASDA have already demonstrated that they have no interest in being a good neighbour. Something will be erected there, that’s fact. So we should be supporting the lesser of two evils, and support Project Corals bid, especially if when their new application has no provision for a winebar/pub or takeaways.

  • Hot food takeaways that aren’t open at night? I don’t think I’m the only one that is “clutching at straws” here! BUT let’s wait and see what Coral (Rayleigh) Ltd have up their sleeve for the next round.

    As for that artists impressions – Nope I didn’t see them in June 2006 when I bought my house. The plans we were provided with by solicitors were (with hindsite) not up to date. We were told that planning permission for a small “Tesco Metro” sized store was been sought INSTEAD of the parade of shops NOT as well as.

    We are sadly stuck with ASDA but as Mike says there isn’t any reason why this very small piece of land could remain undeveloped. ASDA could easily extend their carpark if needs be.

  • A simple search on the internet will supply any synics with examples of fires &/or explosions at petrol staions and the requirement for local residents to be evacuated…

    I wasn’t suggesting that residents or school pupils would be evacuated using Priory Chase. I was trying to illustrate that access to the school, homes, leisure centre etc.. would be difficult. Yes there are pedestrian “escape” routes but are emergency service vehicles able to gain access via Sweyne Park or the walkway between the flats next to Priory Chase?

  • I’d like a petrol station there, it’s a fair journey from Hullbridge to a decent competitive petrol station and with the price of it nowadays it all helps. I appreciate that those close by might not welcome this viewpoint.

  • Possibly, but then that’s nearly always the case with everything isn’t it. In my view a petrol station nearby is an asset to the community, I don’t have any particular view on where it should be built.

    Nearly all of us all face challenges nowadays with things like with existing farms or golf courses being proposed as new housing developments, new airport runways etc. If these things were always subject to what the ‘locals’ felt nothing would happen, lets just hope the powers to be correctly consider all the views and implications before making an informed decision.

  • TWR, Have you done this simple search as I would be interested in your results or even the links to follow.
    Regarding access for fire appliances, plans for every development have to be submitted to the Fire Service. They have strict guidelines determining widths of roads, how close they can get to properties with appliances, turning circles and placement of fire hydrants. Whatever the developers build in Priory Chase, they will have had to seek approved from the Fire Service. Guidance notes on this are available if you request them.
    An similar example I can think of locally is the Tesco filling station at Nevendon. Access and egress to and from the Tesco store is by single road which passes either side of their own petrol station. That has been in existence for many years without problem.
    To conclude, I have no axe to grind on this, I just believe that following this line of objection will have no sway with the authorities.

  • I do not think another residents meeting would be worth while. Ben Ellis has made it clear that his clients will go to secertary of State if the planning application is rejected. And just like ASDA this will be approved by central government.

    So it is clear to me they will build the residential and commercial units, no matter what the residents say. And the residents of Temple Way and Prior Chase will have no overflow parking for second cars, Visitors or contractors. Along with the increased traffic and possible empty retail units (we all know the tax breaks for owning an empty retail unit so Project coral will have no problem shifting these).

    I have checked out with an Estate Agent, who advised without any additional parking it will effect the re sale of any property on the estate with only one car parking space. Although due to current market conditions he was unable to advise how much. Although he did advise it would take more time to sell, due to narrowing of the market.

    I would actually be interested to know if it is possible to by the land, and then rent out the spaces to residents for a small fee each year. (This would be in an ideal world, I am sure the land value is too much for this to be a viable option).

  • I fail to see how losing access to parking can affect the value of your house, if you did not own the land in the first place and the parking was a temporary arrangement before the site is developed. When the flats were sold they must have been sold with one parking space?

    I would not expect the units to be very successful as they would have to compete with ASDA and the shops at Hambro Parade. Most of the shops in this parade have been there for years and the other units seem to come and go.

    If a Petrol Garage was proposed it would offer an alternative to the Garage in London Road, should lower the cost of petrol locally, as I drove past the ASDA at Shoeburyness recently and the price was about 5p a litre lower than in Rayleigh.

    Also a Petrol Garage would offer the chance to buy a pint of milk after the main store closes on a Sunday.

    I have two friends how live close to the ESSO garage in Hockley and they have never told me there is a problem with smells in the area.

    I thought the land was for some sort of community use, like a hall all the local residents could use.

  • I beg the question Ian, who was insitu first, your friends or the petrol station? If it was the later, then your friends knew that they were moving into the locality of a petrol station. I for one, and many others on this development will agree with me, we did not buy our properties to end up having a petrol station dumped on us. We have already lost thousands of pounds prior to the credit crunch because of ASDA, a petrol station will have an equally detrimental effect.

    I agree with you an alternative to the London Road garage is needed this side of Rayleigh, but sorry, not on my doorstep!

  • In response to Ian Jordan

    The property prices wil be affected due to the narrowing of the market, someone with 2 cars will not want a property with only one parking space and no overflow parking.

    There is also the problem of visitors having no where to park there car and contractors having no where to park too.

    However I do agree that the parade of shops will not be successful, as the shops at Rawreth lane are struggling which is a shame. The only plus for me is I own a recruitment company and may look at one of the units once they are built. As I feel project corel will get there way and they will be built regardless of what the resident want.

    I would rather see all residential property on the site.

  • Ian Jordan is correct that losing a parking space that you have no legal claim to in the first place will not directly affect property values. However, there is the risk of an indirect affect because the development of the ground currently used as over-flow parking not only removes potential parking spaces, it will possibly bring about greater demands for parking and parking restrictions in surrounding roads. Losing the opportunity to park extra vehicles in surrounding local roads would make properties less attractive.

  • As for the idea of a petrol station, we don’t need one in Rawreth Lane. The Grange station in London Road and Sainsbury’s and Shell at the Weir are only a few minutes drive away and are quite competitive, and there are plenty on the A127 if you can fill up on your journey. If anything, a petrol station would be better sited on the A130 for those heading north from the town. That would then serve Battlesbridge, South Woodham etc..

    As for the out of hours pint of milk or loaf of bread, the existing petrol stations are close enough to cover this once in a while requirement, particularly as the roads are so quite at the hours that supermarkets are actually closed.

  • I have read this site with interest for some time but this is my first post. This is more relevant to the residents of Coppice gate but also impacts on Asda (our inconsiderate neighbour). I spoke with both Rochford council and George Wimpey today with regards to a couple of issues. Priory chase and Temple Way never seem to benefit from basic road sweeping and the contents of Asda’s bins and car park tend to blow in our direction, therefore I thought it was time it was done. Not only the rubbish, but the horses that use the estate as a short cut tend to leave their mark in passing! The council have informed me that they will ensure the streets receive some attention. My second call was to George Wimpey regarding a piece of land next to 66 Temple way which seems to have been been forgotten to be finished. Whilst speaking to the very helpful man from Wimpeys he informed me that both Priory Chase and Temple Way have yet to be adopted by the local authority and it could take up to 2 years before this happened. The delay is apparently due to Anglian water adopting the sewer pipes they charge us for. The man from Wimpeys told me that Wimpeys were responsible for maintaining the roads and paths until that handover takes place and if we as residents had any problems to contact him. I raised the issues of weed infested areas of blocked paving which he said they would look at. I also asked him about whether the road was designed for articulated delivery lorries to do a full turn around at the mini roundabout at the top of Priory chase. He said it was not and that they had already had discussions with Asda regarding their lorries and their deliveries and the subsequent damage to the road. He informed me that Asda would have to pay for on-going repairs to the road. It appears to me that Wimpeys could be useful in any future disputes over Asda and their deliveries, after all the road they use still belongs to wimpeys. I know their has been a whole debate on who was told what with regards to Asda being built and how big it would be etc but that is for another forum. This is someone who is willing to help make Coppice Gate pleasing on the eye and also put pressure on Asda which can’t be a bad thing.

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