BREAKING NEWS : All Applications Refused Tonight

All 5 planning applications that came to the District Council tonight were refused:

Wind Turbine in Hockley – refused mainly on visual amenity grounds
Golf Course Rebuilding in Hullbridge Road – refused almost unanimously. Cllr Lesley Butcher from Hullbridge moved the refusal. Officers proposed leaving out the reason regarding residents amenity – Chris Black insisted it went back in again.
Flats in Weir Gardens, Rayleigh – refused
Asda application for earlier delivery hours, Rawreth Lane – refused without the need for a debate.
Makro application for wider opening hours, Rawreth Lane – refused without the need for a debate.

Incidentally, it was good to see Rawreth and Hullbridge Parish Councillors sitting in the public gallery keeping an eye on things!

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  • Helen,

    Cllr Lesley Butcher did make a strong speech regarding the lorries.

    If you live in Hullbridge you may be interested to learn that the Parish Council raised objections to the application. We are unable to vote but are invited to comment.

  • I for one (as a Copice gate resident) am happy about the extended delivery hours for asda being refused, Im sick enough of the lorries sat on Priory Chase with the engine on from 6.30am as it is anyway (sometimes stacked three up too !


  • Have just got back from a walk in the rain. New large ‘for sale’ sign posted outside ‘that bit of land’ in front of ASDA. Offering 6 retail units for sale to be completed by September 2009! Where did that come from out of no where. I didn’t think planning permission had been granted for the land. Where’s the parking going to come from? ASDA don’t have enough spaces as it is. Crazy.

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