“Breach of Planning Control” at the Asda Site




As we have reported already , Asda were refused planning permission for their “neighbourhood centre”. A few days after the meeting a resident alleged to us that the applicants had started work on the Wednesday – the day before the planning meeting- apparently being so sure that permission was in the bag. They had stopped by the Friday.

We had trouble believing this – and still have trouble believing this – because Asda and Henry Davidson are such reputable companies. However we contacted the District Council planning enforcement officers and have had the following reply

Dear Cllr Mr Black,

I conducted a site visit on the 7th December 2005 to the proposed
neighbourhood centre at the Park School Development in accordance with your

I can confirm that some work has commenced on this site with evidence of
disturbed land and drainage seemingly being installed although no work was
occurring at the time of my visit. I can therefore confirm that a breach of
planning control has occurred at this site and we are in the process of
establishing a planning enforcement case for this breach.

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