Bits And Pieces




A few things in and around Downhall and Rawreth Ward, in no particular order:


Sweyne Park:

Following a complaint about the wooden railings in the stretch of the bridle path from Canterbury Close southwards, we have reported this to Rochford DC. We understand that as the hedging has grown in size, the railing may not need replacing as it gets older , but some of it is falling down and could become a danger to riders – apart from making? the park look uncared for.

Hullbridge Road


Following a complaint from another resident, we have asked Rochford Dc to ask Essex County Council to complete their rubbish clearing of the ditch and look at the railings here.

Down Hall Road

school signWe have asked the County Council to put a new warning sign here – the existing one has changed colour from red to grey. Please note we are also thinking about complaints we’ve had about parent parking and driving around Downhall School.


London Road, Rawreth


Following complaints from a third resident, we have also pursuing two flood-related issues with Rochford DC.


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  • Not sure if this is the right place but anyway….I have just seen the new shop front of the old post office shop in Hambro Parade. It is a complete and utter eyesore, we now have a garish shop front with the words Bargain Booze in large red letters plastered across the top. I now understand Bruce Smarts concern, this is precisely the type of shop we do not want here. It’s no longer a corner shop, its a crass off-license with a small post office within. I urge all readers of this site to object to RDC as soon as possible.[EDITED]

  • I was on Canvey yesterday and noticed there’s another shop in Long Road with the same garish (eyesore) red sign.
    It’s obviously a corporate logo more suited to London’s East end!
    Bruce tells me the matter is now with RDC’s planning enforcement team, (don’t hold your breath!)

  • Agree with Oz , what message is that title sending out to youngsters – under age drinking experimentation is already an issue with our teenagers , this sort of sign of implies it’s acceptable . And just look through the window – all you can see is shelves full of bottles , it is an Off Licence which sells some stamps…

  • My last post was edited ( I understand why ) so I can only say to readers, we are all free to choose where we spend our money…..I have made my decision….

  • Nowhere specific to put it , so opted for ‘bits and pieces’…….
    Over the last 2/3 years I have become convinced that we are slowly but surely losing our democracy – locally the Cabinet style Councils, the Planning Judiciary following orders and now the higher Judiciary being used to manipulate a Referendum decision via Parliament over-riding the people.
    It seems we will eventually need a revolution to overthrow the “establishment”

  • So , now it’s the Great Wakering areas turn , two proposed developments ( 180 & 120 homes ) , incidentally including “affordable 3/4 Bed “affordable homes –
    Yeh right.
    But the depressing thing is the local community are opposing on what are
    now the same issues for all of us – loss of Green Belt, overwhelming the
    Infrastructures, overloaded highways and public transport , and oh yes
    flood zone susceptibility …….. Grays , Dunton , Basildon , Rochford , Benfleet,
    Southend – and still they don’t listen.
    The current count is 86,000 proposed homes in the next 10-15 years……

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