Big Hullbridge Application On July 23rd




The big housing application on the Hullbridge/ Rawreth borders will come to the Development Committee on July 23rd. This will be the only item on the agenda – other planning applications will be dealt with on a different night.

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  • An application from Irish Town , Gibraltar – that sounds promising for a committment to the local needs then and no doubt first in the
    Q to provide financial input to the Highway / Junction upgrade programme………..

  • This was the date given but TODAY Hullbridge Parish Council have announced that it is delayed until later in the year. RDC have kicked the can further down the road. If only those being paid from our Council Tax had thought all these plans through when they had the opportunity before wasting so much of OUR money.
    Hullbridge Cllr. Michael Hoy had stated previously that delaying the decision beyond July might mean the applicant could get permission by default so I have asked him to clarify this possibility on the Hullbridge FB page.

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