Be Warned – Parking Outside Downhall School




We?ve just had a letter from someone in Brooklyn Drive concerned about parking outside the school. She says that drivers are ignoring the ?No Stopping ? signs by the school ;

?Initially parents took notice of the said signs and did not park or stop but that did not last long. At least three vehicles now abuse these restrictions on a regular daily basis. Several years ago a policewoman visited this area at irregular times ? that stopped the problem then. Presumably it will take a serious accident before anything is done?.?

Well, we will pass this on to the district council . Maybe they will send their parking enforcement officers down. So if you drive down there – be warned! And please think about safety…

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  • This is a problem for many schools, including Wyburns where my son goes. Despite numerous requests from the school and the road markings having been upgraded, some parents (and even taxis!) continue to park illegally and make it a very unsafe place for the children. It is a truly despicable way to behave.

  • If residents have problems with parents parking on the “no stopping” hatching, suggest they contact the Downhall School Headmaster, Mr Barton, and the cars registration number can be “named and shamed” in the school weekly newsletter!

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