Battling On for Hambro Parade




The Lib Dems only have 2 councillors out of 23 on Rayleigh Town Council – Ron Oatham and Bruce Smart. But we like to think they “punch above their weight”.

On Monday 3rd October Ron and Bruce were trying to keep the Town Council committed to funding Close Circuit TV at Hambro Parade. Ron said :

“We have just voted to spend large amounts of money at the previous full council meeting in one ward to get the pavilion project and the Christmas lights underway (an extra ?20,000 for the pavilion!) and the council is Rayleigh Town Council not just Rayleigh Town Centre council.

I am disgusted that a decision taken by the full council and made public in July 2003 to install CCTV was now being recommended for refusal by one committee, despite being agreed by another,on the grounds that other wards would want the same.The Town Council would be giving out signals that we go back on our word”.

Ron proposed that the matter be referred to the full Town Council and was seconded by Bruce.

A Conservative Councillor went almost apoplectic at this and said he would fight it tooth and nail. Ron reminded this chap that he had sat and listened to him while he put his point of view and would he do Ron the honour of not interrupting while he addressed the meeting.It became clear that most of the Conservatives present were siding with Ron.

Ron and Bruce won the vote by a rather satisying 8 votes to 1and the matter will now go to a final vote at a future meeting. A success for Ron and Bruce’s quiet diplomacy and hard work.

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