Basildon’s Autumn Of Discontent




The Yellow Advertiser reports here on the results of consultations on future development in Basildon

There have been 21636 responses, of which more than 80% were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the plans….

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  • I would say that the Basildon public discontent is pretty much typical of all the various District “Local Plans” , the formulae is the same for all of them – the
    Government dictates targets for new houses but no funding for Infrastructure in parallel with it , the numbers are so inflated that the Green Belt has to be sacrificed to make room.
    Full marks to Castle Point Council they used the rules that say Green Belt can be used to restrict house numbers , whereas RDC / Basildon missed that and
    have complied with their masters in Westminster by sacrificing both our Green Belt and creaking Infrastructures.
    We are governed by amateurs , that has been exposed in the last 2/3 years.

      • Good article James , just a hint of irony , and of course the Government are pro-developer – pre-booking their non-exec ( but well paid) Directorships for when they retire from politics.
        By the time the 500 are complete house prices will be between 400-500K each,
        that is £200-250 million turnover – so far 70,000 new houses are proposed just accross SE Essex ( Thurrock >Southend ) , not even counting Chelmsford etc;.
        So as you can see the Developer’s ( poor lambs ) can hardly afford to make a living……yeh right.

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