Ashingdon SER8 Plans Not Expected Until Early Next Year




Officers have informed us that they do not expect to see the revised plans for 600+ homes on SER8 in South East Ashingdon, until early in the new year.

Meanwhile, many cowardly Conservative Councillors are reluctant to ‘stand by’ residents and offer any support and continue to appear to be hiding behind a feeble, excuse of predetermination.

It’s hard to understand how many can use that excuse as they don’t even sit on the development committee! Perhaps they’ve already forgotten who elected them?

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  • Why are the lorries driving passed the site them turning round and coming back down ashingdon before Turing Into the site it’s doing a lot of damage to our road they just need to go start into the site without making extra homes in or road their already soiling the drains when leave the site who’s going to put this right

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