Asda WILL be discussed on May 25th

The Asda planning application in Rawreth Lane will be discussed – and probably decided – at the District Council’s Development Control Committee meeting on May 25th.

We understand that the council officer’s are recommending approval of the scheme – though of course councillors don’t have to follow their advice.

We will write more next week when we have some more information.

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  • I was pleased to see the front page of the Yellow Advertiser today. Let’s hope the Local Councillors will listen to the Hockley traders, Rayleigh traders, local residents, Rawreth Parish Council and the local MP and refuse this application. 73 people/families have taken the time & trouble to write to the Council opposing this application and there has been a petition submitted. As has been said before, an Asda of this size is not needed for the local residents of this part of Rayleigh. The outline planning permission was for a neighbourhood centre with a range of uses to the local community, not a ‘new district shopping centre’. Comments being made by Asda & RDC about this being smaller than the size of store Asda normally go for does not make a difference regarding it being acceptable. This store is planning on having a net sales floorspace of 1,934 sq. metres. Budgens in Hullbridge has a net floorspace of 389 sq metres and the Coop has 216. It will have a major detrimental impact on the viability of Rayleigh, Hullbridge, Hockley etc etc if allowed permission.

  • I agree with the above comment, it would be a refreshing change if the Local Councillors do LISTEN to the local traders and residents for once and REFUSE the application.

  • I do hope the meeting in relation to Asda planning permission, considers carefully the thoughts and impact on the people who live locally.
    I moved to Rayleigh as a newly wed 30 years ago and have brought up two children. Over the years I have seen a significant change to the area, not all good in my opinion.
    I feel I am now entering the “Grumpy Old Woman” phase and cannot see how the building of an enormous Asda supermarket will help Rayleigh, the local shopkeepers and people who live and care for Rayleigh. I feel disempowered to have any impact on my locality and neighbourhood and to some extent feel the decision has been decided. I do hope I am wrong.

  • I can’t understand peoples problem with this application. Most of those who will look to use the store will be local, and will in many cases be on foot. If I want to go shopping at the moment I have to take my car. Having a store so close to where I live will eliminate my car clogging up the roads. It will also bring new jobs to those in the local area. I really can’t see people from outside the area driving in to such an extent that we have a major traffic issue.
    I hope the application is accepted.

  • Has Kevin read the application, given his comment about shoppers using the store will be local and arrive on foot? Asda anticipate a turnover of around £23 million to start with! If the purchases are transported on foot, great, but I can’t see it. Rawreth Lane will be gridlocked, even before the the new school and housing are considered.

  • What a disaster it would be if this appeal goes through on 1st November 06′. I would fear for the safety of my children, who attend St. Nicholas C of E in the same street. Surely articulated lorries would find it hard to see a small child running out in the road. All that set aside, the goods entrance would probably be right outside my house. Lorries of this size passing down the road could conceivably cause structural damage to our properties over a period of time, and devalue them substantially. Legal action would definitely be on my agenda as i had not been informed at the time of purchasing my house that such an eyesore could be in the offing!

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