Asda Refused Again by 26 votes to 6

10:00 pm : Asda’s application was refused tonight by 26 votes to 6, after Chris and Ron moved refusal.

We will write some more tomorrow night…

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  • A big,big thank you to Chris & Ron, last night you were both brilliant. Thank you for all the time & effort you have put into representing the local residents on this major application. It’s most appreciated.

  • Congratulations Chris & Ron. Much appreciate all the hard work that went into achieving last night’s outcome on Asda. Thank you.

  • Excellent news about the Asda REFUSAL a HUGE thank you to Chris and Ron.
    A big thank also to all the residents who were very active in gathering and distributing the necessary information.

  • Many thanks to Ron and Chris for a considered and convincing set of arguments and for all they have done to represent the views of many in the area. Let’s hope we are vindicated at appeal.

  • Many thanks to Chris and Ron for all the time and effort they have been putting in on the residents behalf. Also thanks to Coun. Humphries and Coun. Mrs Webster for their well spoken thoughts on the night.

    A just result – Bring on the appeal!!

    Sorry my comments are a bit late, I have only just recovered from the celebrations!

  • Thanks, but all this praise is a bit disconcerting. We had to do our homework on this application because it was important for our area and there were some complex issues. If we had found out different information we might have voted differently on Thursday. It’s nice when people agree with us , but we are there to vote according to the planning issues . We know there are some Downhalll and Rawreth residents – may be 30 percent – who will de disappointed that the scheme wasn’t passed.

    We had to do some ‘digging’ , commission our own research reports and ask lots if questions because we weren’t getting all the information we wanted, especially from County Highways. Other councillors also clearly had concerns about what they were reading in the report. For example, the last straw for one councillor was the comment on page 93 of the report that “It is Highway Authorities understanding that the proposed foodstore would be similar to Tesco Express stores” – when this clearly wasn’t the case.

    It’s the local people who did the most research on this. It’s going to be something that big developers are going to have to get used to, as more and more residents can access information over the web. On Thursday night, it reminded me of the end of an episode of Scooby-Doo – I expected someone from Asda to say
    “If it wasn’t for those pesky kids residents I would’ve gotten away with it”.

  • As an ex-resident and now ‘very interested party’ I am pleased this has fallen down again.
    My youth football team use Rawreth Recreaction Field to train on each Saturday morning. There is no doubt this would add to the dangers of an already busy road. Where did they dig up 11% increase in traffic from?…yeah and the rest. Satisfying so far!

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