Asda – no news yet




There doesn’t seem to be much news on the Asda appeal at the moment. The appeal is shown on the Planning Inspectorate website here,, but they haven’t yet announced which inspector will be handling the case.

We’ve heard though (via a third party) that the Planning Inspectorate staff are apparently impressed by the amount of comments they’ve received.

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  • I welcome some form of store that will enable the local residents a chance to pop out for bread and milk without the task of going to Rayleigh Weir. My concern with the current development however, is the location of entrance to the store for lorries which is about 15 feet from homes (including mine). Priory Chase is not a wide road, yet it is expected that lorries will frequently be using it to turn into the store and try and get out – the result of this will be gridlock – lorries will have to 5 or 7 point turns to get out resulting in traffic backing up in both directions – surely it would be more sensible to have lorry access through the industrial development on the opposite side of the land to where is currently proposed.

    When we purchased our house (which is across the road from the site) we were told that the store would be no bigger than a small Tesco Express, now reading on this site that it will be similiar in size to Somerfield, I am worried about the negative effect it is going to have to my properties value – have I purchased something that, in a few years time I will not be able to sell on because of a supermarket being opposite!

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