ASDA apply to build a supermarket at the Park School Site

In a surprise move, ASDA have applied to build a supermarket on part of the playing fields at the old Park School Site. This is on the part that was supposed to be for “Mixed Use” or “Neighbourhood Uses”
As required by law , Chris and Ron won’t make their minds up on this until the time of the planning meeting (expected to be late September) but we are getting a LOT of comments on this from people.
Town Councillor Bruce Smart has been out talking to local residents about this. Some people who live in the Downhall area like the idea of a supermarket nearby. Others are concerned about traffic and that there’s still no sign of a doctor’s surgery.
Meanwhile Rayleigh traders are deeply concerned about the effects on existing shops – the proposed store is as big as Somerfield in Eastwood Road. If you want to discuss this application with one of us, or send us comments, please do so -we’d be glad to hear from you

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