Armour Piercing Questions




We have an ordinary Full Council meeting of the District Council tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 7:30) and you can find the full agenda here.

The most interesting part could be the questions on notice from Independent Tory Keith Gordon and Green Michael Hoy:



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  • Jim, very unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting. Ron told me it wasn’t the most interesting of evenings . I understand that Cllr Terry Cutmore answered “No” to Cllr Michael Hoy’s question. Regarding Cllr Keith Gordon’s questions, I think you had to be there to get the flavour of what happened – things apparently got a bit personal but all the answers will be in the minutes.

    And you can listen to the recording on the council website – eventually – they are only up to May at the moment 🙁

  • Seems to me that this Community Infrastructure Levy has not / is not being pursued by RDC then we need to know why / how much and the answer NO is insufficient – in fact does the Planning Inspectorate need to know this ( ie : the Appeal ) as the prime reason for rejecting the initial Countryside submission was Infrastructure shortcomings- when in fact RDC themselves ( who invented the scheme )
    are not developing the Infrastructure themselves?.

  • Are we seeing a ‘minor’ chink in the armour of RDC being exposed by one of the Councillors themselves. It was former Tory that spilled lots of beans, when in his ‘cups’, in the past. I am supremely confident that all will be laid bare eventually. We have the benefit of right on our side and like lots of questionable decisions , currently under investigation in the public sphere, it can take time to have bright lights directed onto the situation.

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