Application In The Rayleigh Conservative Conservation Area!




There’s a planning application to remove an unwanted door at Rayleigh Conservative Club, which is inside the Rayleigh Conservation Area. You can find it here, starting on page 14. The Rayleigh Conservative Club is inside the Rayleigh Conservation Area , which means there are various heritage and architectural issues to consider.

It’s recommended for approval, however whereas a previous Conservation Area adviser was OK with removing the door , the current County Council adviser is against:

7 London Hill is a non- listed building within the Rayleigh Conservation Area in which it is identified as a negative building. The proposal is for the removal of the front double doors and the rendering of three-quarters of the front elevation. It is proposed to infill the only doors on the principle elevation. This is considered incongruous for the street scene as it gives the  appearance the building is on the street rather than a part of the street. This also undermines the buildings relationship with the conservation area which is detrimental to its setting. The door does not have to be functional however it does have to give the appearance of functional door. The existing materials of the front elevation are not considered significant and the proposed white render is not considered incongruous to the conservation area. There is no objection to this part of the proposal.
Due to the reason stated above the proposal is considered to be detrimental to the setting of the conservation area and therefore there is an objection to
the proposals.

It’s fair to say that this is not a big issue for Rayleigh! However if it gets called into committee , heaven knows how many councillors would have to declare an interest and leave the meeting…


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  • The Con club should have applied to build 50 flats…that would have gone through without a problem…but change a door. Heaven forbid. 😡😡😡😡

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