Application for 23 houses in Great Wakering

The next District Council Development Control meeting is on July 20th . The main item is a planning application for 23 houses on land north of 71-89 Seaview Drive Great Wakering.

Permission was originally given housing here in 1985, and the council officers are recommending approval.

There is an interesting paragraph in the report about flood risk:

“The site is within a tidal flood area and the application has been accompanied by a flood risk assessment. Within this assessment it concludes that the 1985 consent could be fully implemented without any reference to flood risk and as this proposal only proposes alternative house types that there would not be any additional risk to life/property than that which would exist if the 1985 scheme were to be implemented.”

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  • It always puzzles me when homes are built on flood plains – why we don’t follow the example of villagers along the Danube and have your home built on deep concrete/steel pillars/stilts on 3 levels – the ground floor is just garage and storage space and the living space is on the 1st and 2nd floors – that way when the area floods there will be minimal damage! Would sure reduce insurance payments and residents would be safe on the 1st and 2nd floors if it did flood!

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