Any Questions On Recycling?




We are getting quite a few questions on the District Council’s new recycling scheme. If you have any questions of your own – or any comments – please leave them here.

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  • In these days of identity fraud more and more of us are shredding our household bills and statements. I have not had a decent answer from the Council yet as to what we are supposed to do with the shredded paper. Can anyone enlighten me please.

    The one answer I did get from the Council was to take the paper to a recycle site undo the bag and try and push the shedding through the gap in the container and try and not get it blown away!

  • Mike, the council send letters unnecessarily. I forwarded an objection to a planning application by email recently and received a hard copy reply (postage cost 20 pence, admin must have been much higher!). Why they did not reply by email is beyond me. Not only is this cheaper, I don’t have to dispose of the the paper afterwards.

  • I understood that this April would introduce kerbside collections of cardboard and plastics. Is this true? If so when will it be start? I know these items can be disposed of at the recycling centre which is ok for active people and those that drive, but what about the housebound and elderly who cannot get there, many of them too would like to recycle too. I hope they dont have to wait too much longer!

  • Hopefully the council dept will come back to you soon with an answer; we have just moved into a house with a huge back garden, so I’m going to invest in a few more compost bins for my mammoth piles of shredding…
    I think it will be a while before all the new recycling schemes are sorted out but I have to say that I’m glad the council seem to be making much more of an effort. I hope that everyone catches the recycling bug; it makes me cross to see so many wheelie bins bursting with cardboard and other recyclables.

  • Wonder if the council have got their act together finally and Temple Way will now, finally, have a recycle collection.

    It makes me laugh that 2 years ago the council announced it could not get its vehicle used for recycling around the bends in Temple Way, although it has no problem getting the normal refuse vehicle around the same bends, nor has it had a problem getting the vehicle to collect waste from the industrial sized bins from the school, access of which is via Temple Way. A little contradictory I think!!

  • You’re probably lucky, the recycling lorry that comes down our road is usually driven by a complete idiot who likes to see how fast he can reverse the whole length of our road.

  • Salisbury Close also do not have recycling collections and this service is integrated in our council tax. We too have been told it is because the recycling lorry cannot get down our road. Yet they collect from all the other turnings off Downhall Park Way where some of the roads are just the same size as our road. I wonder what will happen when we get our delivery of the extra wheelie bins for all our recycling!

  • Rita, I have now been told that Temple Way will have a full recycling collection – perhaps this will be the same for you and other Salisbury Close residents.

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