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So we had the annual District Council Meeting tonight, where we decided which councillor became chairman of which committee. Here’s a brief summary:

Members of the Executive Board (The All-Tory “Cabinet” or “Politburo”):
Terry Cutmore (Leader of the Tory Group)
Keith Hudson (Deputy Leader)
Michael Starke (Veteran Hawkwell Conservative)
Peter Webster (Powerful Rayleigh Tory)
Mavis Webster (Powerful Rayleigh Tory and County Councillor)
John Pullen (Elected Chairman of West Area Committee)
Derek Stansby (Elected Chairman of Central Area Committee)
Colin Seagers (Elected Chairman of East Area Committee)

Chairman of the Council – Tory Councillor Keith Gibbs
Vice-Chairman of the Council – Tory Councillor James Gray

Chairman of the Review Committee – Lib Dem June Lumley

Chairman of the Development Control Commitee – Tory Simon Smith
Vice-Chairman of the Development Control Committee- Tory Heather Glynn

The most interesting part of the meeting were the secret ballots for the 3 area committee chairmanships:

In the Western area, John Pullen tied 8-8 with Tony Humphries, but won by penalty shoot out drawing lots.

In the Central area, Derek Stansby beat Phil Capon and Peter Robinson.

In the East Area, Colin Seagers beat Tracy Capon.

So who came out of the meeting feeling most fulfilled? Terry Cutmore and Keith Hudson, for seeing the new ‘cabinet’ system be introduced? Or Mavis and Peter Webster , for being a husband and wife team with two places in the cabinet?

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  • I lifted this from RDC’s website apbout the new changes:

    “Each Area Committee could look at issues around local provision and service delivery. For example, it could receive regular monitoring reports on refuse collection, street cleaning and grounds maintenance in the area. It could also look at the play areas and public open spaces in the area and make recommendations as to possible changes in provision. Each Area Committee could act as a focus in identifying the needs of the community in the area, via consultation and feedback. The Area Committees could also advise on the arrangements for the provision of information about local services and other information to the people of the area.”

    I would be very interested to know what form this consultation and feedback will take. Perhaps better use of the area websites could be used as one form of public consultation, for example, as part of the West area, Rayleigh Town Council’s website could have a forum.

    Audi et alteram partem

  • Alison; thanks for your comments (as always). We are having a good hard look at what is going on, and want to find out a bit more information before writing in detail. But at the moment we are deeply unimpressed at how things will work out in practice. For example, the first meeting of the West Area committee is apparently scheduled for July!

    As another example, you can’t email the Executive Board member in charge of the Council’s website, or the Chairman of the West Area Committee!

  • A relative was in the council chamber at full council
    and could not believe the farce which was the election
    of the West Area chairman. Neither councillor Pullen
    or Humphries had a mandate to chair but to decide
    things with a ‘draw’ was ridiculous and in my view

    It wasn’t much better in Central with councillor
    Stansby winning by 1 vote. Again no mandate to chair.

    East was won by a bigger margin but appeared to be a
    constituency split. Poor Ashingdon ward, councillors
    Cutmore and Mrs Capon are really going to have to
    fight their corner.

    But what about the 4 losers? Councillor Robinson
    doesn’t have much history on RDC but the other 3 are
    experienced chairman who now have nothing.What a waste
    of their hard work and experience.

    Turning to the executive, only 1 woman!!! Clearly does
    not represent the council never mind the public.
    Councillors Cutmore and Hudson were expected and I
    don’t think anyone could argue that councillor Starke
    knows his subject with recycling. But where has
    councillor Gordon sprung from? Also, any truth in the
    rumour that Mr Webster was offered a place some time
    ago??? Mrs Webster is clearly an expert re history but
    I wouldn’t put her down as a sports fan – isn’t she
    against the 2012 Olympics. Where will she find the
    time? She can’t give 100% to both, are we going to
    have only half a county councillor?
    What is the average age of these 9 members? We keep
    hearing that younger people should be interested in
    politics but I don’t see any of them – they appreciate
    problems encountered by residents like me.
    I hear a rumour that Mrs Capon was denied a place on
    the executive as she works and has a small child. Is
    this so? Old boys network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, is it true the Rayleigh Tories blame councillor
    Capon for recent loss in the town due to the parent
    and child issue?????????????
    Seems some are just power hungry and are not concerned
    about being truly representative of the district.
    Will write again if I have any further opinions.
    Bye for now and thanks for taking the time to read
    this. Hope you’ve found it interesting!!!!!

  • Hi Anon. Yes your comments are very interesting – please write again! (Can you call yourself Anon One so we know you’re the same person?)

    If the Rayleigh Tories blame Phil Capon, they are deluding themselves…..

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