An Update On London Rd Roadworks

Although, as residents know, highways and roadworks is a matter for Essex County Council, we have been working hard to try and get some information about the chaos and problems on the London Road. Due to perseverance by our Councillors, we have been sent the following email from Essex Highways.

Silver City are to explore further increasing of working hours beyond the current 7am-7pm and will also look at extending the advanced signing.  They have also been asked to provide an additional TM operative at the BP garage to assist flow out of the garage Essex Highways are currently looking at what messages can be put up on the permanent VMS (Variable Message Signs).  We also have officers on site as I type and the situation is far better than yesterday – it is of note there was a serious RTC on the A13 in Hadleigh resulting in a road closure yesterday afternoon that will have cause significant displacement. As I explained to Cllr Steptoe 5 minutes ago, I also think part of the issue is around how strictly the TM operatives interpret how they can operate the signals.  We have worked with them through today to stretch the parameters of how the signals operate and will continue to review how this is performing over the coming days. We also have a new “tool” that allows us to look at recent traffic data in terms of journey times and we are looking at the area in real time.  We will review the data we have and will also consider what can be done (if needed) to improve flows along Rawreth Lane. We have arranged for emergency closures of Little Wheatley Chase and Louis Drive West.  Louis Drive West has been closed for safety reasons and Little Wheatley Chase is there AS A PRECAUTION only at this stage.  As I have said, traffic flows are much better today compared to yesterday and the conflict coming out of Louis Drive West has been resolved.  I’m also aiming to be out on site myself tomorrow from around 0700 to review the situation on the ground. The closure of Watery Lane that is programmed is for carriageway patching and we are looking at how urgent these works are before making a firm commitment on this.

Email received 10/3/20

Meanwhile, local MP Mark Francois admits that he’s failed residents despite secret meetings with developers, Essex County Council and some resident groups.

Video posted on MP Mark Francois Facebook page