• I’ve seen it all now…we already have a democracy, more people voted Conservative than for the other parties that’s why they are in charge and you are not. So…just who are you now ? the Lib Dems or something else ?.

    • We wish Chris Black was here to respond on a decision he supported, but we’ll simply say we are still the Lib Dems, with NO WHIP, we want a return to a democratic committee system with proper representation ACROSS the district and rid of the expensive cabinet system. We have common values with the other groups but operate independently. Our position has not changed and this is something for years Chris himself campaigned on.

      • I don’t think there’s any point in going back and forth over this but in fairness you need to publicly very clear to people about this proposal. Many people have supported the Lib Dem’s in the past ( in my opinion due the work that Chris did ), I’m sure they don’t want to vote for one thing and get something else.

  • Sorry Oz a little correction required I feel – the last ‘local’ vote saw Craig Connell ( Lib Dem ) voted in ( to replace Chris Black ), so most ‘local’ people
    have consistently voted Lib Dem not Conservative – that is a fact.

    Yes , the bigger picture accross the District is different , hence a Conservative majority , probably because other areas are quite happy to see their Councillor’s follow the Whip. That is to locate the bulk housing / Traveller Sites and accompanying traffic ( years of Construction plus ultimate loading ) in the West of the District.

    Regardless of the Council make up ( after 3rd May ) they still have to produce
    a Local Plan (>2037) and this time it needs to be wholistic/futuristic as we are
    at tipping point , this one will make or break the District…..luv Jim.