An Interesting Ruling On Fast Food ….

From yesterday’s Guardian, a legal case with possible implications for our area:

A controversial planning permission allowing a fast food takeaway shop to be set up near a school with a healthy eating policy was quashed by the high court today.
A judge declared that Tower Hamlets council, in east London, had acted unlawfully when it gave the go-ahead for Fried & Fabulous to open for business in Cable Street, Shadwell, close to Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate school.
The judge said councillors had voted in favour of permission after being wrongly directed that they could not take account of the proximity of the local secondary school because it was not “a material planning consideration”.
The council will now have to reconsider any further planning application for a takeaway at the site.
Councillor Peter Golds, the leader of the council’s Conservative group, said later: “This is a very important high court decision.
“It clarifies the law and sets a benchmark that will enable local authorities everywhere to take account of health and well-being ? particularly of schoolchildren ? as factors in determining planning applications.”

Full article here.

Daily Mail version is here.

  • Can Priory chase developement be reconsidered in view of this judgement as there is already too much temptation at asdas without further takeaways nearby ? The aforementioned rubbish in and around the estate is hardly going to improve with the addition of yet another takeaway .The rubbish outside the school is not a good example for our young citizens .Lets face it the whole developement is a planning disaster and is an exammple how not to do it .Could not a residents association be set up to try and tackle the problems and take responsibility for the general wellbeing of their residents .There is little support from Walmart or the local authority.

  • This is (again…Yawn!) what I have been banging on about since CORAL first applied for planning permission and Waltham Forest Council had the foresight to make such a ruling. This latest ruling does go further by extending the proximity of such shops from 200 yards to 500 yards.
    However St Nicholas school officials have stated on this site that they are not concerned about take aways in the vicinity of the school because of the schools “lock in” policy at lunch time and the fact that their primary aged pupils are all well supervised to and from the premises by responsible adults. Clearly as a local resident you may, as do I, have a different view!

  • TWR. I am as you may know a governor at St. Nicks .I have not said that the children from saint nicholas,s would frequent the said takeaways ,but they are affected now by the rubbish strewn around .The pupils are taught to behave responsibly in their environs and are frequently upset by the signs of antisocial behaviour in the area .There is indeed a policy of pupils remaining on the premises during school hours .I am ,as many have on this site,stating that it is time for you the residents of this estate to grasp the responsibility to take matters into your hands ,to organise and make sure that this behaviour is unacceptable .I am not suggesting anything illegal but a residents association will give you a voice and influence that can react to your obviuos problems now and in the future.Take a pride in your surroundings and make it unattractive to the minority to cause the antisocial behaviour .Indeed it was part of the origional planning application to provide some sort of community facility and due to lack of interest or greed on walmart ,s part seems to have been dropped .It would have been a good focus for you all in that area .