An Interesting Evening At Council

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Last night’s Annual Council meeting, set the tone for the year with some big changes to the leadership.

  • Cllr Terry Cutmore stands down as leader and is replaced by Cllr Mike Steptoe as leader with Cllr Cheryl Roe becoming deputy leader
  • Cllr Robin Dray becomes Chairman of Rochford District Council (Congratulations Robin!) with Cllr Terry Cutmore taking up the role of Vice Chair
Chairman of Rochford District Council – Robin Dray

Changes to the Executive include a new portfolio for IT, with UKIP defector, Cllr Daniel Efdes being given his ‘reward’. This should be quite an interesting proposition, given that most would see this particular portfolio as a poison chalice.
Other positions to note, the chair of review being ‘given’ once again (3rd year running) to ‘Independent’ Cllr Jamie Burton (who we predict to defect to the Conservatives at the next elections)

And finally, the Lib Dems, Cllr Chris Stanley, ‘lost’ the planning policy sub committee seat to Cllr Michael Hoy, who was supported by a majority vote.