An Inflation Busting Council Tax Rise for Residents




Please don’t feel insulted by the next paragraph as this is written specifically for the leader of the council who tonight described inflation as ‘a crude measure’

Inflation – a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money

Perhaps economics was / isn’t his strong point so here’s a helpful guide and why it’s not a ‘crude’ measure

Back to the post…..

Firstly, apologies for the first paragraph, it’s incredibly frustrating for us that something so important is almost made to sound trivial. Anyway, tonight’s Council meeting was mainly about the Conservatives justifying the council tax rise and them voting it through. Cllr Cutmore was happy to pay more council tax (not surprising with the amount he’s collecting in allowances), whilst Cllr Hoy reminded Cllr Sperring that he had shifted costs and in effect council tax rises on to the parishes by pushing the public conveniences onto them. We’re afraid Cllr Sperring or the public aren’t going to forget this blunder of a decision anytime soon.

Cllr John Mason s….p…..e…….l……..t. out to the Tories the overall affect of the council tax rises on residents when all precepts were taken into account, nearly 5% equating to around an additional £80 per year on our bills.

Cllr Simon Smith took a last opportunity to not only remind members that Rochford Council has no control over the other precept rises, but also to get his numbers mixed up again. He’ll get sent to the back of the class if he’s not careful as he seems to be make a habit out of this and he’s the portfolio holder for finance – not inspiring.

So overall nearly a 2% above inflation rise. Dig deep people

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