“An Astonishing Clause”




The ” Decisions , Decisions., Decisions” blog has an item here about “an astonishing clause” that the government has laid before parliament in the Housing and Planning Bill three days before Christmas. The legal jargon is not easy to follow, but would allow in some circumstances for “designated persons” (private consultants)? to process planning applications instead of the local council. The council would still make the final decision, but the consultants would get the fee..


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  • Words fail me on that .I note also Lord Deben (John Gummer) on Radio Four urging the government to halt all development at risk of flooding and strenghen local powers to insist on developers to make houses more flood proof .

  • Admin why are you surprised – this government has no credible opposition and will do just as it likes in looking after their mates ( this is jobs for the boys and wide open to abuse ) mirrored by typically local Councils ie:-
    39 Councillor’s but policy decide by only 9 ( the Cabinet ) with smaller and smaller Committees in order to push through the will of the ‘chosen few ‘.
    I’ve worked all over the world and seen this approach in Banana Republics –
    Democracy is on it’s last legs now and human nature being what it is will need
    a revolution to change it back ( probably not in my lifetime but it will come ).

  • So much for local democracy and accountability. Still I expect that the designated person would have to be deemed to be “the right stuff” before being given the free pen to go with his/her free cheque book. Probably have to be an ex member of the Bullingdon club.

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