An Armed Forces Day In Rayleigh?




Could you help arrange some fundraising events next June – to support a number of Armed Forces charities? There’s a group in Rayleigh trying to do that.

They are looking to build a committee of volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, look out for the “Armed Forces Week – Rayleigh” page on Facebook. Or email Dan Rodgers at .

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  • We are looking for anyone that might be able to help us in anyway whether it be by helping with a website, printing, admin, as well as helping with events, you might even have a great idea that we can help you plan. If you feel that you might have something to offer your community and would like to use it to raise some much needed funds for a number of military charities, please get in touch.

  • Is this a week or a day? This idea was looked at by Rayleigh town Council in conjunction with the British Legion last year and the practical dificulties led to such a day not going ahead. Could Dan have a space to give more detail of his ideas/plans as it may be different to the Armed Forces Day in Southend.

  • Hi Bruce, Armed Forces Day is on Saturday 29th June 2013 and the celebrations to show our support for the great work our Armed Forces do to keep us safe. A number of events are being planned the week before and after the 29th with the main event taking place on the 29th June.

    Drop me an email at the above address if you want to know what the plans are at this early stage. Unfortunately Im not in a position to confirm anything publically until its definately happening, so if anyone would like to join the Facebook page at the top of the link they will be the first to find out whats happening and where.

    I will say this though, that at the moment any events taking place in Rayleigh will be on a much larger scale than Southend offered last year, we’ve some very exciting times ahead!

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