An Application For 26 Flats On London Road




We reported back in January on the application that was likely to come forward by a developer for 26 flats on the site of the Jems Co Car Sales site on London Road opposite the BP Garage. The formal application is now in!

Demolition of existing buildings and structures and construction of 3 storey building consisting of 26 residential units (13 no. 1 bedroomed, 10 no. 2 bedroomed and 3 no. 3 bedroomed) and associated basement car parking and landscaping

Comments on the application must be made by 13/04/2021 and can be made by visiting this page on the Rochford District Councils website.

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  • Totally ridiculous, everywhere in Rayleigh is being built on with no infrastructure and no new health centres, we’re turning into a city, beginning to hate Rayleigh. Didn’t matter what we think they’ll build anyway

  • This should be rejected, its out of character of the surrounding area.

    Privacy of surrounding gardens would be effected. The roads would be effected.

    This should not go ahead.

  • Surly this can’t go ahead with all the other new sites traffic will be horrendous and not enough doctors schools.
    I totally disagree with this application.

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