All Party Concern on Care Homes




A County Council Lib Dem has told us that there a ‘good debate’ about the private operation of Care Homes such as Sweyne Court in Rayleigh. (The County Council has sold these places to private operators, but still pays for people to go there).

The Conservative Cabinet Member on this subject, Sarah Candy, spoke well, acknowledged the concerns about what’s been happening, and there will be further investigations which all the political parties will have access to.

Should more work have been done to investigate the companies at the time of signing contracts? Were County County officials dealing with people shrewder than themselves?

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  • As a Council tax payer and an employee transferred I am very concerned that Essex County Council saw fit to sell our homes to the private company Excelcare Holdings. Although now we are being informed that the homes were sold as Limited Companies and Excelcare is not our employer!

    From the information I have been able to gain, through articles and csci reports Excelcare has a poor record in providing care, but has been allowed to not only carry on running existing homes, but to buy up Council homes accross the South East and to build yet more. I read an article dated 20th October 2006 stating that Lambeth Council had agreed for Excelcare to build a 35 bed Sheltered Housing Accomodation, even though they had concerns Excelcare were having problems in providing care in existing homes in the area.

    As for my own experience of Excelcare. I was proud to be part of the care team at Sweyne Court where I have worked for over twelve years. Since the take over of the company, I am sorry to say that is no longer the case.

  • I am a concerned council tax payer living in the southend area but i do work for a home in rayleigh, that has recently been taken over by excel care, now my concern is that Essex county council are paying the now privatly owned company for beds that are not in use, so this means that the new company are receiving tax payers money and having to pay no overheads as the beds are not occupied, surley there must be some elderly people in our community that need these beds,( as the hospitals are saying that the elderly are bed blocking) and even more so as the council are now thinking of privatising the care in the community,what a waste of our money, and why are we as tax payers paying a private company for somthing thats not in use!! im bewilldered

  • as a long serving member of essex county council in what use to be there care homes i find it hard to know my carer is coming to an end thanks to the council penny pinching ways. i was amazed at the size of the county chambers why the hell do they need so much room they should move to smaler place as wasteing our tax payers money on large rooms with so much wasted space. yet they con the public out of thousands every year, and condem the elderly people of essex to be run by a company who have a very checkerd record in the care industrie. hey but still who are we to complaine only the people who vote for them. and we know that when the homes go back to chambers it will be one sided as the council have to save money and who better tho con but the elderly who mostly cant talk up for themselves. between ecc and excel dont care they have sold these elderly down the river and the loyal staff who have looked after them for years. to be replaced by polish workers who are prepared to work 24hrs a day just to survive in this country. when i next here anyone say these people do the jobs the english dont want i will tell them. its essex county council that are the cause of us all leaving. may be we should get the polish in as councilors and kick what we got out council tax would be cheaper as they would work for £5.44 an hour. now thats somthing i would love to see take all the councilors wages away and make them look for another job. i say vote polish as the councillors we have now are not worth having and demolish county hall as its like a holiday camp and costs us tax payers a fortune. and lastly bannish excelcare out of the industrie

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