Airport Options?




The Echo has a report here tonight on discussions between Rochford and Southend Councils about the future of the land around the airport.

It’s worth a read… here’s the start:

Huge industrial estate plan for airport land
By Geoff Percival

A HUGE industrial estate could be built near Southend airport, the Echo has discovered.

The new estate would be built north west of the airport, between Aviation Way and Cherry Orchard Way.

The proposal forms part of a range of options discussed by Rochford and Southend councillors over the past year, to make better use of the land around the airport.

In the report, obtained by the Echo, councillors also confirm plans to divert Eastwoodbury Lane to allow the airport’s runway to be extended.

The airport itself would then be capable of taking aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 737 fully laden. With an expected two million passengers a year, this could mean 40 passenger flights every day.

The report also proposed new homes on the site of the Cherry Orchard brickworks, on the boundary between Southend and Rochford.

The joint area action plan group report, set up by the two councils, will be considered by Southend’s cabinet and Rochford’s executive on Tuesday.

The industrial estate, extension of the runway and new homes is one option in the report.

Three other options have also been put forward which range from limited growth in the area around the airport, or none at all.

When councillors have discussed the options, a public consultation will be launched on their preferred choice.

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