Advent Day 20 – By Election in Downhall & Rawreth




At a time when Councils are cash strapped and the Tory austerity still bites hard, somebody (and it wasn’t us) has called for an expensive by election in Downhall & Rawreth. We’ll leave you to guess who it was!

Any Tory influence in Downhall & Rawreth would be an impending disaster for West Rayleigh, with so many sites put forward for development the green belt would be desimated in just a few short years. Our infrastructure is already creaking and the Tory Councillors elected at District and County level, have done nothing to even begin to remedy the situation.

Craig Cannell our Lib Dem candidate, is as passionate about stopping overdevelopment as the rest of the Lib Dem team. He spent a lot of time with the late Cllr Chris Black campaigning and getting to grips with the issues that Rayleigh and Rochford District residents face.

Craig will be canvassing, with the rest of the team shortly, so please take the opportunity to get to know him better.



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  • Fair play to young Craig for having a go…he has a very tough act to follow but everyone has to start somewhere. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for a response ( on this site ) from the Lib Dem council town council member Mr Bruce Smart. Sorry Bruce, simply not good enough mate…

  • Folks – With a 30% increase in housing heading our way ( via the New Local Plan ) we need someone to carry on the good work done by Chris in the past.
    In fact we need to encourage younger people to champion the cause as what
    we really have is an “affordable housing” crisis – 1st time buyers are now ,on average, mid-thirties ……. , please get out and vote.

  • Oz only received the message yesterday due to holiday, failing to make any progress beyond support the legacy candidate for 3 days. James has now solved this problem. If the question was about attracting shops to Rayleigh the only answer is cheaper business rates or free car parking in the town. All District Council matters. Realistically a. Town Council members have no impact on major decisions we tend to be people who know who to contact when things happen e.g street lights don’t work
    B. Rayleigh needs to find an identity as a high Street. The town cannot complete with lakeside so we need to a unique identity that will attract people and retailers to the town.

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