Advent Day 18 – Headmaster fears Lack of School Places




Todays Echo reports that the Headmaster of a local primary school has concerns about oversubscription.

A HEADTEACHER has said that Rayleigh schools are fighting to combat oversubscription in the town.

Peter Malcolm, headteacher at Rayleigh Primary School in Love Lane, told the Echo that oversubscription is an issue all schools in the town are aware of, and something needs to be done to give enough places for children in the area.

He said: “All the headteachers in Rayleigh are aware of increasing difficulty in finding school places for families with children moving into the area.

“Often a school is allocated to a child and for a variety of reasons this is not the family’s preferred, closest school.

“All headteachers in the area are working with the local authority to resolve this problem and sympathise with the plight of families waiting for the end of the process.”

Mr Malcolm added that the current system is causing parents ‘anxiety’ and ‘conflict’ as the admissions system is not communicated clearly at times.

He said: “It is a challenge that when parents are constantly told they have a ‘choice’ by politicians, in fact they may only express a preference.”

The pressures may get even greater in our local schools as the population increases and school funding cuts continue with Tory austerity measures.

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