Advent Day 16 – Another Pub to Close




Not such a cheery Christmas post today, as we learn that the Grey Goose in Rochford will be closing in the New Year. Sad to see another business closing up in our district, although we don’t know the reasons why but it’s reported here that an average of 21 pubs call last orders for good every week.

Again we are just speculating, but if the reason for closure is due to spiralling business rates, we sincerely hope the owners have contacted the council for help.

We wish the owners well in their future and join Rochford’s residents in the sadness of another closure resulting in more empty premises.

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  • Can’t say I’m disappointed as far too many drinking establishments are in Rayleigh and the district. Hopefully the drinking culture is coming to an end as the social consequences of alcoholic consumption hit home. Rest assured I will continue to oppose all applications for more alcohol licences that coe before the z town council

    • Bruce, I understand your concerns about the number of bars etc that are in our towns BUT what are you, and the rest of the elected council doing to attract “quality”retailers into Rayleigh.

  • Oz James said you were awaiting a reply from me. Apologies but first was on holiday then kept having the legacy candidate page on all the time and now cannot Fi d the post you want me to reply to.

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