Action Groups Ally Together….

We’ve just been sent the following press release …. worth printing in full:

South East Essex Action Group Alliance Press Release Issue 1


In towns and villages across the country residents are fighting to prevent unjustified housing developments, particularly those where Green Belt land will be lost for ever. Councils are wilfully

ignoring local concerns in spite of the Prime Minister?s drive for Localism. In the South East of Essex the situation is exacerbated by the limited supply of land suitable for development, the already-overstretched infrastructure and the existing high population density. A number of independent Action Groups have already been set up by concerned residents. Now these groups are collaborating, sharing information and experiences and preparing to fight together on their shared concerns.

The SE Essex Action Group Alliance, (AGA), has been initiated by action groups from Billericay, Rayleigh, Hullbridge, Daws Heath and Jotmans Farm (these fall within the Basildon, Rochford and Castle Point Local Authority areas). AGA will campaign on three main issues:-

? Unnecessarily high housing targets;

? failure to implement Localism;

? impact on the Green Belt and infrastructure.

Unnecessarily high housing targets

Councils across south Essex are making policy decisions that produce housing targets that are unnecessarily high. For example:-

? Basildon proposed a new homes target of 16,000 when natural growth would suggest just 8,900 homes are required;

? Rochford?s target of around 3000 new homes is twice the natural growth needed;

? Castle Point is proposing 4-5000 new homes when recent estimates show negative growth.

Other areas show similar disparities. There can be sound reasons for increasing housing targets beyond that required for ?Natural Growth?, but the contrasts noted here are staggering.

Failure to Implement the Localism Act

In 2011 Central Government introduced the Localism Act with the stated aim of devolving detailed planning powers, including the setting of housing targets, to Local Authorities. Numerous Government Ministers have reiterated the intention of the Act to put Local Authorities and the communities that elect them in charge of planning in their areas. Unfortunately Local Authorities in South East Essex have universally failed to understand and implement the concept of Localism. They have allowed themselves, not necessarily unwillingly, to be held to ransom by developers and Central Government dictat, to the detriment of their residents and at the expense of their Green Belt.

Some residents groups have even resorted to taking expensive legal action against the Authorities who purport to represent them. The fact that residents of most towns and villages have to form an Action Group to give the public a voice speaks volumes about the way our Councils wilfully ignore the concept and implementation of real Localism.

Impact on Green Belt & Infrastructure

Local historic demographic data indicates a steady and relatively low rise in the number of new homes required for the existing local people which, in many areas, could be met by Brownfield sites
and infill building. This would leave the untouched Green Belt able to fulfil its purposes and give the inadequate infrastructure a chance to catch up. Government-prompted over-estimates of future housing quotas (driven by the myopic expansion of London), will destroy the existing Green Belt and overwhelm the under-funded existing infrastructure (roads /railways/ schools /hospitals etc ).

Our Conclusion

Untold and irreversible damage will be done to the towns and villages in Essex if National and Local Government continue to disregard the views of residents (the electors), by allowing unjustified
building and the destruction of the Green Belt. To stop this happening it is essential that local people make their views known through their local Action Groups who are working together to present a strong and united case to the decision makers.

The SE Essex Action Group Alliance invites other groups in the SE of Essex to unite with us to ensure the views of existing residents are no longer ignored by those who purport to represent them.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

  • And now Dunton, Maldon and another Castle Point groups are joining the alliance – just goes to show how out of touch MP’s and Councillors are with the electorate who
    have to form an Action Group to have a Say.

  • I see Chelmsford are doing a ” Rochford / Brentwood ” – dumping a lump of their quota on the fringe of their district , namely 600 houses at Runwell ( Wickford ).
    Just as RDC are doing to West Rayleigh and Brentwood are doing to Dunton – suggests to me a pre-determined strategy by the blue rinse brigade????

  • The people of Wickford need to know that the section 106 funds from the development of Runwell Hospital site will not necessarily be gifted to Basildon Council to improve the Wickford area that the residents of this development will need to use for all their services but will be most likely swallowed up by Chelmford Council for the benefit of that ‘City’. What has our MP done to prevent that happening? What noises have Basildon Councillors made about that? What have County Councillors done?

    Many developments are being shoved on the periphery of towns and villages that will seriously impact small locally accessed facilities they complete the various targets of Councils without those voting for them facing the results of their actions. Witness Rochford District Councillors living in the outskirts of Barling, Paglesham etc who voted to trash Rawreth and Hullbridge.