Action Group Eyes Up Legal Scrutiny Of Developers Plans




An action group in the East of the District is eying up legal scrutiny of developer’s plans for 600+ houses in Ashingdon (SER8).

There have been calls by the residents group for pledges of donations towards a £5k upfront payment to a planning QC.

This of course ‘ups the stakes’ for Rochford District Council, as it’s faced legal challenges before and it cost the taxpayer a pretty penny and with their budgets being significantly challenged, we wonder if its a risk that they can afford to take or what will have to be sacrificed should they lose a legal challenge.

With the new local plan in the secret inception stages there could be a lot more at stake than just the threat of this legal challenge. Much caution will need to be considered or we could see a snowball effect from a successful challenge with one challenge potentially leading to another!

The Tory administration has to decide now, whether it’s the time to take to skating on thin ice and this surely is a massive challenge by the inexperienced leader of the Council to avoid getting more than his wrist slapped by the Government for failing to meet housing targets in the District.

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