A Warning About Sweyne Park




We received the following email today from a resident – worried about the number of people walking on the Bridle Way in Sweyne Park.

So if you use the park, please take more care!

While going round the bridleway this afternoon I counted 34 people on it, some were walking four abreast, many had children in pushchairs and on bikes (some of which were 100 yds from their parents and not very stable). This track is a BRIDLEWAY they have the whole of the park and it is a very small track,there will be a very serious accident soon, the bushes are getting very high and I expect they cannot see the horses coming round the bends. The dog walkers have their dogs off the lead on the bridleway and there have been two incidents that I know of, of riders falling off through children or dogs.

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  • I use Sweyne Park everyday to exercise my dog and also use the bridleway to exit the park.
    It is not the pedestrians who are a hazard it is the cyclists, they travel far too fast and they cannot be seen above the bushes, the horses are no problem as they are a lot higher.
    The park and it’s facilities are there for all to use this includes the bridleway it is not there exclusively for horses and if people act responsibly there will be no problems .

  • As cyclists are allowed on a bridleway, it may be better to trim the bushes to improve the visibility, than to discourage the use of bikes, as there aren’t many places to ride away from traffic in the district.

  • I enjoy this Bridle path at least twice per week most people who use it are very polite however it is becoming a regular occurrence to face dogs off their leads this is highly dangerous for both horse rider and dog . It’s also difficult when dog owners do not appreciate that this is a bridle path and walk it despite being asked not to . Parents with buggies and small children also walk the bridle path , putting their children at risk . As riders we keep to the bridle path and have no choice but to use it , we are all competing for limited resources however there is a very large meadow for walkers and areas for dogs and children . Please consider the horse , the first mode of transport

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