A View Of the Recession From Southend




It’s worth a read, here’s an extract:

“Are there any ?green shoots? out there? Precious few. There are many businesses who claim to be unaffected ? but they often write an additional word onto their survey form: ?yet?. There are a few who are doing better as a result of the credit crunch ? chiefly those businesses which repair, recycle, or refill. Some restaurants tell us that the number of customers they serve has not declined much – but that customers are much less inclined to order the more expensive items on the menu.

The one thing that almost everyone agrees is on is that the 2.5% VAT cut has been at best useless, and at worst an expensive distraction. Predictably the banks and Gordon Brown get most of the blame. But there is also anger at landlords who are unrealistic about rents, and prepared to leave shops empty for long periods. “

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  • My view in Business is to IGNORE the Recession/Credit Crunch talk and get out there and find the business! – What’s the alternative? sit around complaining then shut up shop!! Yes, it’s going to be a hard year, but you have to get pro-active and keep ahead of everybody else. Look on the bright side, whoever comes out of the other side will be in a strong position and a lot of the cheap, unprofessional competition will have gone. the VAT cut?? Yup, useless – Has actually COST the retail sector (hardest hit in the current climate) money to reprint price lists!!! Nice one Mr Brown …..

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