A View From Hullbridge

The submission from the Hullbridge Residents Association to the planning application on the Hullbridge/ Rawreth borders can now be found on the council website here.

It’s not a brief letter either, not even a long letter, its 46 pages long….

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  • Bruce @ 4

    I understand that the Hullbridge Residents Association has asked Mark Francois MP to speak as a resident against the Application.

    What we do not know is when this Application will come forward to Development Committee.

    There is speculation that it won’t be March or may be even April and after that it would be after the General and Local Elections.

  • Delay the application until after the election? That would be a brave call.
    A full, detailed, controversial planning application on the table would be a huge target for opposition candidates to aim at would be an incentive to get voters out. Could also create a significant marker for the new council.
    Can anyone enlighten me – could sitting councillors and candidates comment on a planning application during the election period?

  • Brian @ 8 – you can comment in the election period about a planning application in the same way as at other times. You can say you are concerned about various aspects of an application- say traffic or flooding, or could you say that some aspects would be positive, say funding for new infrastructure. But you CAN’T say how you will vote. If you do , that’s ‘fettering your discretion’ and you lose your right to vote.

    This applies whether or not you are a councillor when you make those comments.

    It also means that councillors and candidates have to be very careful what they say on the doorstep. If you are asked 500 times how you’re going to vote on an application , 500 times you have to say that you haven’t made your mind up. That makes you sound very evasive , but its what you have to do.

  • Copied from the BBC news site this morning…

    Some 200,000 homes will be made available to first-time buyers in England by 2020 if the Tories win the election, David Cameron is to promise.
    The coalition government has already announced plans for 100,000 cut-price homes for people aged under 40.
    The PM says the Tories will double that if they gain power, to give more people the security of owning their own home.
    Labour has pledged to build 200,000 new homes by 2020. The Lib Dems have set out plans to build 300,000.

  • Seems Councillor Ward ( Planning Portfolio holder ) has already decided that , and I quote from the Echo on Friday :- “However, the fact remains the houses will have to go there eventually”.
    So much for the Outline Planning Application giving the public the opportunity to lodge their objections – these Councillors were elected by us to serve us , not dictate to us,
    Looks like another RDC ‘ Done Deal’……

  • ECHO yesterday – another potential 100 houses off London Rd ( Timber Grove ), Jamie Burton is on the case ( Infrastructure etc;etc; ) , score so far for West Rayleigh –

    Eon site 100+
    Countryside 500
    Rawreth Ind Estate 230
    Timber Grove + 90-100?
    And no doubt others in the wings

  • Where are we now that Mark Francois has been elevated to a position on pushing forward developement ?See Echo .Congratualations Mark ,please remember your pledge about adequate infrastructure .Also look towards previous used sites that have been ignored in preference to green field sites ,thanks in anticipation .

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