A Temporary Filling?




According to the Echo:

THE extra provision of NHS dental services in Rochford and Hockley could be just a temporary nine-month measure.

Last week, South East Essex Primary Care Trust announced it would increase dental services at surgeries by 40 per cent to tackle a major shortage in the two towns.

But the trust has this week said the extra services will just be provided for the next nine months. At the end of March 2009, the trust will look at how well-used the extra services are before deciding what to do for the following financial year.

Trust spokesman Paul Ilett said: “This allocation is made for this financial year and is a short-term measure we have implemented to get more activity to the community as quickly as possible.

“The increase hasn’t been put in place just to be cut back in nine months time, but it won’t be definitely continued after that. It’s standard policy for all our planning.

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