A Storm Forming Over Hockley Town Centre



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The Hockley Residents Association has had a long and distinguished involvement in the affairs of Hockley. In fact there was a time when they had more district councillors than the Conservative Party.

They are concerned at the moment about the Hockley Area Action Plan , which was recently approved by the district council. In fact we understand that they have made a number of official complaints. A big issue for them is the traffic impact of what the District Council are proposing in Hockley Town Centre.

From what they’ve asked the council, they understand that Traffic Assessments have been completed for the Rochford Area Action Plan , and Rayleigh Area Action Plan, but not for Hockley…

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of these complaints will be…..

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  • Caught red-handed! Recent Freedom of Information responses have shown how the council has manipulated its handling of the Hockley Area Action Plan (HAAP) and tried to cover it up.
    A total of four Formal Complaints have been made so far, with more expected. Details passed to the Ombudsman.
    The HRA has asked the council to withdraw the HAAP and hold a public enquiry (but not holding our breath!).
    There will be more to come on this saga.

  • Would it be possible for The Chief Executive of Rochford District Council to conduct an investigation of the complaints and then produce a publicly open report to Members?

  • The real question is ‘why?’.
    There is a mass of evidence to show what RDC has done, but why have they gone to such lengths

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