A Smell Of Burning In The Night



by admin // in Rayleigh


We’ve had the following comment this morning that deserves a post of it’s own:

About 2.30am this morning my and my fiancee were awoken by a smell of burning, the smell was so close that we started to get out of the house. However upon inspection even looking in my loft I could not find a source.

When I eventually walked outside the smell in the air of burning (smelt like burnt plastic) was unbelievable, however there was no signs of anything that could have caused it.

Just thought I would see if anyone had any answers?

Does anyone know anything on this?

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  • There was a large factory fire in Leigh last night which is probably what you could smell. The short detail below was taken from the Southend Echo web site.
    You did the right thing by checking it out. If not you may have made the news!

    Updated: Firefighters tackle blaze at Leigh factory
    Firefighters at the scene. MORE than 40 firefighters have been tackling a blaze at a roofing firm in Leigh.

    7:49am Monday 16th March 2009

  • If it is of any help I live in Trenders Avenue and could smell burning plastic when I was in my kitchen this afternoon. When I went outside the back door the smell seemed to come from the direction of Hullbridge.

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