A Sixth Form At Fitzwimarc?




The Echo reports that Fitzwimarc School is plaing to have it’s own sixth form:

….The FitzWimarc School in Hockley Road is planning to build a ?5million sixth form, which headteacher Jim Fuller has said could be open as early as September next year.

At present, the town of about 33,000 people has no sixth form and most Rayleigh youngsters take A-levels at Seevic College in Thundersley or South East Essex College in Southend.

But thanks to a glowing Ofsted report, which rated FitzWimarc as ?outstanding? virtually across the board, the schoo?s prospects are looking good, according to Mr Fuller.

He said when a school gets a grade one rating from Ofsted, it is considered a high-performing school and gets an automatic right to open a sixth form through a ?presumption arrangement?.

Mr Fuller said: ?We?ve estimated to do it here we would need ?5-5.5million to create our own sixth form centre.

?We?ve got to the point of designing it and drawing up a curriculum as part of the previous bid.

?We?ve identified a spot separate to the rest of the school.

?Our vision is to call it Rayleigh Sixth Form and invite other students to join us.? ….

Nothing on the school’s own website yet.

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  • Yes, yes, yes please! I don’t understand why so few (none) local schools now have 6th forms. It was such a pain having to get my 2 eldest to college from Hullbridge, as well as the additional expense.

    It could be a great local asset.

  • It is up to the school to put in an application for a VI form with the LEA. It is also upto the school to fund additional building work that would be needed to house the additional students having a VI will generate. That unfortunately is why so few schools look for adding a VI form. Prior to my retirement from teaching 3 years ago my school was actively fund raising to raise the money to build additional classrooms and common room for a VI form, to this day it hasn’t been built and from what I understand the idea there has now been dropped.

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